What is web hosting? Which is best to buy in 2020?

It’s a very much asked question at many websites by many users. Most of the users don’t know about what is web hosting and they also don’t know how to buy so first I want to tell you that if anyone wants to build their website for any of there business or services then he needs a good domain name and hosting. Hosting is the place where the data of that website is saved. Like, we are using mobile and there is some storage space on our phones. Hosting is the same storage space for a website that helps a website to perform better on the internet.

Where to buy a web hosting?

Factor no. 1 – There are many websites which are providing best and affordable hostings and there are many plans but first, you have to know what factors you should consider before buying web hosting. 
So the first factor is you should choose a web hosting according to countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and many more major and cool weather countries where the servers are located. Now you are thinking that why you should choose a cool weather county for web hosting? 
Keep calm, I’ll tell you why? 
Because if your server is in use and lots of traffic is coming to your website and at that time your web hosting server gets heat up and stops working then your website also stops working. So now you know if your website stops working you will definitely loose 10%-15% of the traffic. Which is not good for your business and for your earning. So just consider this point on priority so that it helps you to make your business and earning well.
Factor no. 2 – You should consider this point if you want to rank your website in any specific country like if you from Australia and you want to rank your website in the USA it maybe if your targeted traffic is from the USA or any other country then you should remember this point before buying web hosting.
For example, if you buy a web hosting from India and your targeted traffic is in Canada then it may take lots of time and efforts for you to rank your website in that specific country and it makes also affect your business or earning. So just think about it before buying your web hosting. 
Factor no.3:- If you really want to buy good web hosting then don’t trust any cheap or non-branded web hosting company. Not every time cheap things do good work. I am going to share my own experience with a cheap hosting provider company. They gave me good service for the first 6 months but after that their hosting service ruined my website and set such a very bad example. That time I was not so much financially stable but I purchased their web hosting just because its cheap but cheap things not always work well and they proved it. But after that, I made so many websites for my clients but I tried many different web hosting companies so now I know which is the best service provider in the market that provides good web hosting services. I am going to mention and link some good web hosting companies that are trustworthy. You can buy from them and you can try their web hosting service according to your pocket.

Most Trustworthy Web Hosting Companies:-

  1. Big Rock
  2. Blue Host
  3. Site Ground

These are the companies that I found a genuine and trustworthy web hosting providers. 

How to Choose a Web Hosting Plan?

Now just try to understand one thing that I am going to explain to choose the web hosting plan for you website. when you are at the initial phase you have to choose just shares or WordPress hosting plans because its just a trial or practice period for you to test your knowledge. So at the starting phase, you just go with a shared hosting’s minimum amount plan. After you implement the things and after getting some results then you shift to some big plan and then after choose any other expensive plan because now your website have lots of traffic.
Case Study:-

When I launched my website I also start with the lowest shared hosting plan because I wasn’t sure about how to work and to implement things and I was not financially stable so choose this plan and start my website.

Types of web hosting plans:- 

  • Linux Web hosting
  • Shared Web hosting
  • VPS Web hosting
  • Dedicated Server Web hosting
  • WordPress Web Hosting

Now it’s up to you which is suitable and affordable for you.

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